Holidays done healthy

Holidays done healthy

As temperatures cool and we begin to cover ourselves with more layers, it gets more and more difficult to stay motivated to keep fit. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, we have holidays that revolve around food bring in this season. We gain an average of 5 pounds during the holiday season and that doesn’t even count Haloween! You might think that I am posting this a bit early considering the “true” holiday season begins in another month. However, I really feel that we not only need to plan ahead, but as it begins to get colder, we find more and more excuses to skip that workout. We start to eat more comfort foods and grab some extra holiday lattes. So here are my biggest tips to not become an unhealthy statistic.

*find a motivator to keep you in check that doesn’t involving a bathing suit.
*remember how you feel when you eat crap and write it down. Put it some place you will see it. (Too much sugar gives me a headache, I feel bloated, sluggish, mad, etc)
*in the same fashion, write down how you feel after eating right and working out. Put this list right on your fridge.
*find a buddy who wants to stay on track, not someone that you always have to motivate.
*try a new class and make friends. You’ll be surprised how accountable you become when others notice when you missed a class.
*if you LOVE holiday baking but have no willpower, bake and take your treats to a nursing home, a favorite local store you frequent, donate to a homeless shelter.
*find healthy treat alternatives. There are plenty of healthy dessert type recipes out there.
*start a new tradition, find an alternative to baking, make holiday crafts instead.
*start your holiday morning with a workout but don’t use it as an excuse to eat more.
*eat a LITTLE bit of everything. I am that girl who will have a tiny sliver of each pie!
*find workouts you can do at home with little or no equipment.
*don’t give up, if you have a set back get right back on the wagon.
*develop a workout plan and write it down. (Ie Monday is upper body, Tues lower body, Wed is Zumba, Thur and Fri rest, Sat run…) whatever works for you
*find HEALTHY motivational people to follow on social media. Just make sure they keep you motivated and give you ideas, not make you feel bad.
*DO NOT MAKE UP FOR MISTAKES BY STARVING YOURSELF. That’s right, I shouted! Do not gorge yourself on Halloween candy and then starve yourself for the rest of the day and following day. Your body needs nutrients and enough calories to function. Eating a measly 1000 calories or less will only mess up your metabolism. DON’T DO IT, just don’t, please.
*find you community. Use apps or social media to challenge yourself. Many apps have you “compete” with its users. I love my Nike+.

So hopefully that gives you some ideas or sparks some of your own. How do you stay motivated when all you want to do is curl up under a blanket and drink a latte?

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