Marathoning and a lower body strength combo

Marathoning and a lower body strength combo

Marathon training is in full swing. I am creeping closer to my 3rd marathon on April 26th. I have high hopes. This is my first training cycle that I am really aiming for some high goals. My hope is to qualify for Boston this year. This training season so far has been tough though. Being a northerner has made running outside pretty tough. So if I can’t qualify at this race, I’ll try again in the fall when training is a bit “easier”.

     This training has consisted of the traditional long runs (once a week), speed work, and some tempo runs. I am making sure I still get in my strength training, which is crazy important to help prevent injury. This season I am including three 20 mile long runs. One down, and 2 to go (the second of which is this weekend). I’ve been really lucky to have some pretty awesome running buddies to train with. Makes these long runs so much better, especially since many (including the the first 20 miler) have been done inside my local Y.

During my off season, I usually do more weighted leg exercises. However, since I want to keep my legs strong, I have been doing mostly body weight lower body exercises. When I work out this way, I try and include some HIIT (high intensity interval training).  I’ll share with you one of my favorite lower body combo’s that hurts so good! If you aren’t sure what something is, just Google it or comment and I’ll help you out! I also made avideo for runners if you wold like more ideas. If you watch, please ignore my kids sneaking in the background, just keeping it real.

The following, unless specified, is done for 30-60 seconds. Do this combo 3 times Can use free weights to kick it up!

Squat Combo: 15 reps, holding the 15th and pulsing 10

Narrow Squat

Squat (feet just past hip width)

Sumo Squat (feet wide)

Squat Jump (HIIT)

Side lunge into Curtsy Lunge- right leg

Side lunge into Curtsy Lunge- left leg

Lunge Jump (HIIT)

Reverse Lunge then bring knee up- right leg

Reverse lunge knee up- left leg

Rolling toe to heel (start on tip toes roll to heels bringing toes up)

Wall Taps (HIIT)

Try it out and let me know what you think! It is a tough one so start where you are and progressively add time!

Pistal Squat

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